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Cervicothoracic Junction [The infamous Dowager's Hump region]

Let's make sure to keep this area mobile and prevent it from deviating into so much flexion that there is no turning back!

I think we've all seen the poor folk whose necks remained so flexed they can only look up with their eyes, but not actually lift their necks; this usually coincides with progression of osteoporosis.

I'm here so we can avoid both!

Good mobilization to do at work when taking a break from the desk!

Great one to do at home after a long day of hunching towards your computer screen and over the driver's wheel!

Elongation of the spine and promoting a neutral spine are important as we age, but also important to challenge daily poor habit postures. The more we lapse into our 'favorite positions', the more we shorten/rotate one side and lengthen/side-shift the opposing side. These shifts lead to what starts a 'clicking/popping' and then slowly turns into chronic pain that you have no idea from which it stemmed from. Best physical therapy practice takes all of this into account for longterm results.

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