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Kinesiotaping (KT)

What is kinesiotaping?

KT is the colorful tape you’ve seen build in trend since the Olympic volleyball athletes were rocking them!  The premise is for offering stability and support while still allowing the body to perform full, natural movement.

How does Kinesiotaping work?

Proper application can help to promote a muscle that’s not activating as well to fire more or it can inhibit a structure that’s overworking to fire less.  It can offer myofascial release assist based off of the amount of stretch to the tape before it’s applied, which makes it also help with circulation.

What can Kinesiotaping treat?

KT is great for overuse areas, tendonitis, give feedback to help with postural muscles, and to offer relief to a pain region.  Kinesiotaping can also offer activation or support to an area where the muscle needs assistance to “fire” again.

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