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Direct Access/Self Pay

What is Direct Access?

No prescription, no problem!  Florida has direct access, meaning no need for a prescription from a doc to see me!  Direct access saves you time and money!  Time is saved because you avoid sitting in a waiting room to see your doctor just to get a prescription to see me when you could see me directly and never wait more than 5 minutes!  Money is saved because you save yourself a copay (or cost towards deductible) for that doctor’s visit, but also from imaging that may not be necessary since physical therapy is the first line of defense and can provide relief!


How does Direct Access benefit me?

Being seen under an insurance-based clinic doesn’t always benefit you as the patient.  I came from working in those settings where it’s guaranteed for you to come for 12-24 visits, be seen with 1.5-2 other patients in your hour of treatment, and hands-on work can be 5-10 minutes at best.  This type of setting can limit the efficiency of you getting better and, if you have not met your deductible or have a copay, could be just as much out-of-pocket while you still remain hurting with your problem!


We provide forms to submit to insurance!

I want to give the best physical therapy I can and that starts with one-on-one care.  I will see you and only you for your session and that allows me to do as much hands-on as needed as well as determine exactly how, where, and why you acquired your injury.  This can make your recovery more efficient and get better in a matter of days vs 12 sessions!  Not only will your recovery be more efficient, I will give you papers to submit to your insurance to either go towards your deductible or receive reimbursement from your insurance.

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