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Osteoporosis Therapy

Osteoporosis affects all age groups and men as well as women.  It is no longer tied to the stereotypical elderly, frail, Caucasian woman.  Lack of varied forces through the bones in childhood (keeping to one type of sport/play), increased sitting time (on devices), increased use of sunscreen that blocks proper Vitamin D absorption, and lack of proper nutrient intake has made decreased bone density something to start intervening for starting at young ages; male and female.  Osteoporosis programs and treatment are not common, but are increasing in necessity.  Need to adapt safer movement patterns, need for habit changes (of movement and resting postures) to prevent compression fracture, and tailored intervention to help the body maximize its upright posture is something I specialize in. One-on-one care allows me to offer the best osteoporosis therapy and treatment because it allows me to give full attention to how it is affecting your body.

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