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My Experience


Bachelor's of Health Science 2000 and Master's of Physical Therapy 2001 from the University of Florida

100% hands-on

My primary practice setting has been outpatient orthopedics where emphasis is upon manual intervention.  Hands-on skills have been priority not only in practice, but also with choices in continuing education that involve joint mobilization (including thrust), myofascial release, and integrated movement. You will experience the most hands-on, skilled intervention than you have typically been accustomed to.  The goal is to correct the actual mechanics of the body because you don't have to live with pain.

Certified KT Practitioner & Osteoporosis Physical Therapy

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Robin Creamer for specialized education, prevention, and exercise prescription for osteoporosis/osteopenia diagnoses [2014-2015].  Certified and adept at kinesotaping since 2012.

Why I am different...

I love to problem-solve and delve into the "why" of pain/functional issues to truly resolve the chronic, complex pain you are suffering from.  I offer detailed habit changes for lifestyle, home exercise program, relief tactics specific to your needs, and ways to stay in control of your diagnosis so that you know how to intervene if a flare-up occurs.  I want you to be independent and not have to rely upon me!  #empoweringyou

I have heard "I've been to physical therapy before and it didn't work" many times.  I have worked in those settings.  It's where you are seen along with 1.5-2 other clients and hardly get more than 5-10min of hands-on or 1:1 with your PT.  I wanted to offer the best physical therapy, be able to listen to the patient, adequately assess what's truly going on, and look past the "one body part" limitation.  Now, I am able to work 1:1 every time, every treatment!! Folks with complex, chronic pain will find relief with ways to control flare-ups at home and folks with acute, recent injuries can get better faster because I find the heart of the matter efficiently.  I can address how the upper body gets affected by the lower body and vice-versa.... because it truly is "all connected"!!!!

cupping for knee therapy

So, if you have been frustrated with chronic pain or complex pain and have not found relief in spite of seeing docs, chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists, I can help you [with full respect to my fellow healthcare providers as I love to work alongside any and all!].  I have had the honor of practicing since 2001 and love to figure out the puzzles of why your body is not listening to you and how to get it to work!  Just because you have the same diagnosis and symptoms as the next person does not mean you will get the same interventions!  Each person is individual, as are their responses to treatment, and each person deserves to be addressed personally.

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