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Lifestyle Integration

What is Lifestyle Integration?

This part is huge!  My goal for you is to be free of your pain and not have it come back at regular intervals!  Meaning, there are lifestyle changes involving safe movement patterns, body mechanics, and habit changes that I educate and have you practice to prevent the same old force applications hitting that hurt area just by living life!

What does Lifestyle Integration include?

In addition to adjusting for our harmful habits of motion, I educate in specific strengthening, corrective exercises as well as stretches tailored to what is going on with you.  How to move, sit, stand, transition safer in combo with your own go-to routine to address your injury is the big picture to prevent re-injury overall!

How is Lifestyle Integration delivered?

The plus is lifestyle integration education/information is in youTube format, emailed so that you have visual and verbal instruction as well as reps/frequency all written out so that you always have it as a reference!

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