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Priscila F.

Cathy was AMAZING! I went in to see her regarding a lower back injury due to a disc Herniation from weightlifting. After my injury every workout caused me pain if I did the wrong movement. Cathy actually found out that my pain was coming from having an uneven pelvis, which she fixed! I am so thankful to God that I found Cathy! Cathy is also not like other doctors, she has this caring attitude towards her patients that makes you feel like you finally came to the right place. I highly recommend!


Ivani A.

Cathy was highly recommended by a friend of mine. My friend knew that I had been dealing with pain in the ball of my left foot for over a year. After a thorough evaluation by Cathy she diagnosed me and started the treatment the same day and I felt the difference in pain intensity right way. She not only targeted the pain, but also what is causing the pain. I am a runner and running without pain is amazing. In only two visits she was able to help me with my problem. I highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy.

Wil Ruiz.jpg

Wil R.

I went into the office because of chronic lower back pain which had flared up to a debilitating level. I had my consultation with Cathy and on the first day she was able to relieve much of my pain. I continued to attend therapy and not only did I receive treatment, but also was given the knowledge, tools, and techniques to keep the pain away. I’ve even began to run again, which my back pain had previously prevented me from doing.


Lynn P.

I went to see Cathy at Pursuit Physical Therapy after suffering from plantar fasciitis for over 6 months. I had been to a podiatrist and acupuncturist, received multiple cortisone shots, and took 3 months off of all physical activity yet was still in pain.

After talking to me, watching me walk, and some other movements, Cathy began to stretch me and use the cupping technique. At that point I stood up again and the pain was not only still there, but slightly more pronounced. Cathy gently told me that her fear was confirmed and I have a stress fracture.

I will begin my journey to healing in a boot for a minimum of six weeks and strengthen my upper body and core in the meantime. Cathy listened to me and paid attention to small shifts in my body. Her acute awareness of what was supposed to be happening and what wasn’t gave me a diagnosis I didn’t necessarily want, however am grateful for. I will be healed and pain free in enough time to begin training for my third marathon.


Ali M.

The Physical Therapists at Pursuit know what they're doing, and I highly recommend them if you have an injury that's just doesn't seem to be healing. I've had 3 different injuries that I've talked to them about, and they've been able to help me return to being functional enough to regularly exercising at a gym again.

I'm someone who has tendonitis on my right arm, and shoulder instability on the left shoulder. I originally went to see a physical therapist at the UCF gym back when I was a student, and the exercises they gave me either didn't improve my tendonitis nor shoulder instability. In fact, I think my tendonitis got worse from seeing the UCF physical therapist. I pretty much decided I should stop lifting weights: I wasn't getting stronger, I just kept making my elbow progressively worse, and for 2 years I was like that.

What made me decide to try Pursuit Physical Therapy? My old room mate Zach was experiencing constant pain trying to use his hands, and it was literally ruining his life. He was told by a hand surgeon that he had carpal and cubital tunnel in both arms and elbows, and for his hands to be pain free, he would need 4 consecutive surgeries on his hands and elbows. And even after the 4 surgeries, the symptoms might return anyways. At some point Zach was recommended to try pursuit. Cathy Yi was who he saw, and she said that it's extremely rare for someone to have carpal and cubital tunnel in both arms. She figured out that it was thoracic outlet syndrome, which didn't require any surgeries, just 1 month of physical rehab. A month later, Zach's hands were functional again and he got his life back. And in terms of cost, it was only 4 sessions with Cathy * $150 = $600 total. WAY cheaper than the surgery route that the hand surgeon was telling him. I decided that I should try going to Pursuit.

I ended up going to pursuit for my tendonitis in my left elbow and shoulder instability. Over the course of 4 visits, I went and saw Scott. He gave me exercises that gradually built up strength in my right elbow and made my shoulder feel more in place. I'm now able to go to the gym 3 times a week consistently, doing some bench presses, shoulder presses, dips, and things that I would otherwise be worried of doing because of my elbow and shoulder. I will say though: sometimes after a workout, I can feel a tendon in my elbow out of place. Whenever that happens, I go and do some of the exercises that Scott showed me, and the pain goes away after I feel my tendon sort of go back in the right place. When I do shoulder presses, I do feel my left shoulder shake a little, but it's way better than what it used to be. Basically, I'm not 100%, but I'm way better off than before, and can do the things I want to be able to do.

A couple months after seeing Scott, I ended up spraining my left ankle. Basically I was carrying some stuff down a hill in Virginia and stepped on a rock that was large enough to roll my ankle on. For 1 month, I kept on googling how to rehab and treat my ankle myself, and I wasn't seeing any healing progress... feeling like I couldn't do this by myself, I went to See Pursuit again. This time I got to see the Physical Therapist that helped out my room mate: I got to see Cathy. She's been absolutely wonderful. She figured out that my ankle wasn't healing correctly, and she used suction cups and various other techniques to put my ankle back in the right place, and gave exercises to help me regain the strength and movement range of my left ankle. The exercises she gave me were different from what I looked up, and worked far more effectively. I'm almost at 100% on my left ankle. Recently I decided to try doing a 2 mile run with my left ankle brace on for support, and I was able to do it PAIN FREE! And I only had to see Cathy for 4 visits.

So, both times I've had injuries that I couldn't figure out how to deal with myself, and the UCF physical therapist wasn't able to help, Pursuit Physical Therapy was able to help me heal myself. What they did worked, and it worked quickly. I highly recommend them.

Tracy H.

I first saw Cathy work her magic at a dance exercise class we were both attending. Someone injured themselves and she knew exactly what to do. I had worsening pain a couple of years post car accident. I had been to both MD’s and chiropractors. I would feel better briefly after a shot or an adjustment, but the pain would recur and was getting worse over time. When I learned Cathy was a physical therapist, I decided to give it a try. Cathy was able to address the underlying causes of my pain instead of just doing a topical fix. She gave me “homework” to do so that I could help myself and my pain is now substantially reduced without outside intervention. I highly recommend Cathy at Pursuit Physical Therapy!

Ryan F.

I would highly recommend anyone who is experiencing pain anywhere in their body to give Pursuit a chance. I tried numerous other physical therapists, chiropractors, multiple spinal injections, burning of nerves in neck, acupuncture, etc. Cathy was very helpful with explaining what was going on and had serveral ways to help me feel better. I have come along way since I was barely able to turn my neck at all, my back was tight and sore all the time, my pain had gotten worse and worse over time. She stuck with me for months and systematically got to the root of the issues and made me feel a lot better. I can actually enjoy golf, playing with kids, etc! Don’t wait! Give them a call today!!

Peggy D.

Having been diagnosed with degenerative rotatory scoliosis of the lumbar spine and advanced degenerative joint disease in 2004, the curvature of my spine was beginning to cause a good deal of discomfort as I became more and more bent over to the right side of my body. I also had developed a ¾ leg discrepancy on my left side.
I was referred to Cathy Yi at Pursuit Physical Therapy to see if she could help with the above situation. And help she did! My first visit was for a very thorough evaluation. Next Cathy put together a treatment plan that involved working with the parts of my anatomy that had become very tight due to the curvature of my spine. She also gave me exercises to do at home conveniently placed on my cellphone, iPad and computer. I now use these exercises to help keep my muscles from getting too tight, to stand and sit upright and to walk with greater comfort.
Thanks Cathy for all your help. I am so very grateful.

Tom M.

1. What brought you in to Pursuit?
Extreme shoulder pain limited my ability to work out and also impacted daily activities.

2. Why did you choose Pursuit Physical Therapy?
I have had great experiences with Ron and Cathy for previous injuries.

3. How is the care you received different from normal/ previous care?
The care presented a clear alternative to surgery. While I was skeptical about my opportunity to improve with Physical Therapy, the results spoke for themselves.

4. How fast did you experience results?
Cathy assisted me with a modified workout routine that I could perform while rehabbing my shoulder. I was able to do many of the exercises that aggravated my shoulder within two months after starting physical therapy.

5. What can you do now pain free that you had difficulty before?
I am able to do many exercise routines such as bench press and pull ups that I could not do without severe shoulder pain or a grinding in my shoulder.

6. Would you recommend others to go to Pursuit Physical Therapy?


Cassie Q.

At close to 40 years old I'd been fortunate to have not had many issues with physical pain, certainly none that required any sort of intervention before. But, being a fitness freak, my luck ran out and I needed to seek help for my foot pain. Quite honestly, I was a little scared of what to expect at my first visit to a physical therapist. All my fears faded quickly on entering into Pursuit's welcoming space and speaking with Cathy. I was already impressed with the one on one attention I was receiving.

Cathy listened to my concerns and asked all the right questions to pinpoint where my foot pain was stemming from, and within the first session was able to start my treatment! I was amazed to realize that the pain could be significantly reduced after one visit. I will definitely continue to use Cathy's services to take care of my body. Her knowledge base, care and concern are far beyond what I've come to expect from many other medical professionals. Thank you, Cathy!!

Bryan W.jpg

Bryan W.

I have been dealing with excruciating pain x 9+ months. I was treated by my primary care physician and an anesthesia pain interventionalist after having a MRI. I was prescribed steroids, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and pain meds. I had three pain injections. I received no relief with any of the above. I found Pursuit Physical Therapy on the internet and was able to be seen quickly. I have had two visits with Cathy and am now pain free and able to resume my normal daily activities and workouts. Thank you Cathy----what a difference you have made!!!

Kristen M.jpg

Kristen C.

I am a Physical Therapist in an administrative role and I do a lot of driving and sitting. I love to exercise, but sometimes I make decisions when working out that aren’t the best (I blame it on the endorphins). Recently, I injured myself and it resulted in pain and difficulty sitting. In my case, I had several different things going on that caused me to have tingling down my leg, as well as hip and back pain. It was not something simple that I could figure out on my own. The first thing I did was contact Cathy. I didn’t go see my primary care physician or the orthopedic physician – I went to Pursuit Physical Therapy. Why? First, Physical Therapists have direct access, which means that you can go to see one without a prescription! Secondly, the therapists at Pursuit Physical therapy spend 1 on 1 time to ensure they are identifying the root cause of your pain. This is crucial to getting better fast!
At each visit, Cathy individualized each treatment based on how I responded to the previous session and home exercises. After 3 visits, my symptoms were completely gone and I was able to return to sitting comfortably, exercise, and I even completed a sprint triathlon. I recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy because of the expertise, value, and quality of services, as well as the ability to achieve results in much less time compared to other clinics.

Ms. Cathy at pursuit physical therapy has been the best therapist I have ever come across. My husband had been suffering from a foot pain since past 4 years and was mis diagnosed as gout for almost 3 years, after we learnt that the pain was not related to gout we decided to try a few therapy sessions for the pain. We were then given the reference of pursuit physical therapy, after just few sessions with Ms. Cathy my husband's pain disappeared. She has miracle hands.

Rishi B.

If you’re looking for a clinic where “treatment” consists of being given a sheet of paper with exercises to do while the therapist, or often a tech, attends to multiple patients in a large room with no privacy, then Pursuit Physical Therapy isn’t for you. If you’re looking for somewhere to receive 1-1 hands on treatment that will get you better as quickly as possible, then you’ve found the right place at Pursuit. I had a terrible experience at the first PT clinic I went to after a fractured knee from a paddling trip. They were recommended by my ortho doc and were in-network on my insurance. The appointments were a total waste of time & money. By my 3rd appointment when I was left crying on a stationary bike because of the pain, and no one even noticed, I knew I would never go back. By luck, I found Pursuit online and knew from my first appointment with Cathy Yi that I had found the right clinic and therapist. Out-of-network on my insurance and consequently paying out of pocket for care was/is worth every penny. Cathy takes the time and attention required to see what is actually going on with the body. A couple additional injuries later, she continues to go above and beyond what it takes to help me by working quickly and efficiently, treating me with as few sessions as possible to get me out of pain. And I really like the option to request appointments via text and that all Cathy’s recommendations are emailed to me. No more lost pieces of paper! Highly recommend!!
Tish Middleton, MS, CHES

Tish M.

I have suffered from pretty severe back issues for 4+ years resulting from a work injury that happened 15 years ago & has escalated over the years. I have seen several chiropractors & physical therapists over the years. I was told I needed surgery to fix my spine issues, which I do have a couple of issues that therapy won't fix. My main issue for seeking physical therapy is a tilted pelvis & I lean to the left from overcompensating for my right side back injury over the years. I did some online research and came across Pursuit Physical Therapy. There were some great reviews from several different sources so I decided to give them a try.

My therapist, Cathy, was very thorough in her evaluation. She explained in plain English exactly what issues she found & how she could help me. I was having difficulty walking & leaning heavily to the left. On the first visit she did a few manipulations of my spine & showed me some stretches that I would be doing at home daily. I couldn't believe it but just after that first appointment she had made a slight change in how much I was leaning to the left. And by the time I went back for my second appointment 3 days later, after doing the stretches at home during that time, I was walking much easier. After just 4 appointments I was feeling at least 30% better, standing a bit straighter & able to walk a little better.

After 6 months of regular treatment, I feel & am able to move so much better. I honestly did not think anyone could help me to be able to walk and move better as well as stand straight. Cathy taught me how to avoid causing myself pain by correcting my posture and providing me with stretches and exercises to help alleviate my pain and strengthen my weak muscles.

This is not like any other physical therapy place I've tried. You get a personalized one on one experience. You're not instructed to do some stretches by a therapist that is splitting their time between all their other appointments at the same time. If something isn't working they adjust it immediately to find what works. If you're in pain stop putting a bandaid on it & get some real treatment from this awesome team of physical therapists at Pursuit.

Maria M.

Megan S.

I wish I could give 10 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came to the office to see Cathy because I was experiencing hip pain. I felt as though my hip was "jammed" and it effected the way I walked and I couldn't workout as intensely as I was used to. What drew me to Pursuit Physical Therapy was their knowledgable videos I saw on Instagram and their incredible reviews. Let me tell you, they have exceeded my expectations and I felt better much sooner than I ever thought I would. In just one session she alleviated my hip pain. Now, two months later and I don't have reoccurring hip pain anymore. I am walking, jumping, and back to my normal workout routine, PAIN FREE! Cathy listens to you, makes you feel comfortable, and is extremely professional. I can't thank Cathy enough for giving me my life back; she has really helped me, let her do the same for you.


Grace A.

I came in to see Cathy with back and neck pain and what I was told was carpal tunnel. I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy because it had a convenient location and after reading lots of great reviews, I felt it was the right place for me. I messaged them and was gotten back to right away. The care was very personal and flexible. I could contact Cathy any time I needed and she answered right away. I always enjoyed coming in and felt welcome. Because of the personal care I recieved, I started feeling better after only a few appointments, and continued my treatment plan until we both felt I was ready. I can now exercise again and be on my feet without terrible back pain, and my hands are able to last much longer when writing or cooking, as they had before the pain. I would recommend Cathy to anyone who is willing to do something about their pain. She can definitely help, and she's always willing to try new ways to make you feel better!

Grace A.jpg

Tina G.

I am so glad I went to Pursuit Physical therapy! After I had been suffering from left elbow pain almost 6 months, I decided to give them a try. I am very pleased with my progress after four sessions with Cathy Yi and now I can play my violin without pain in my left elbow. She was very thorough and attentive to my needs. She is creative and a strong lady!! She and Ron made excellent videos to help me do follow-up exercises in office & at home to strengthen my shoulders, arms and upper back , so I will prevent further injuries. thank you so much!

Tina G.jpg

Miguel L.

I found Pursuit Physical Therapy online and called in to set up an appointment. I first made contact with Dr. Miller who was patient with me on the phone as we played a little bit of phone tag. He set me up with Cathy. I came in with a mix of chronic knee and achilles problems that I’d had for almost a decade that I largely assumed I wouldn’t be able to fix. I went as far as getting prolotherapy injections in both my knees which only temporarily alleviated my issues. Cathy started with a in-depth evaluation of my problems. One of the things I really appreciated was how focused Cathy was on solving the problem. She took extensive notes, didn’t make assumptions, and would think deeply on the problem to find a solution. I consider myself a technical person, so this approach was very much appreciated. Although all of my pain was in my knees and achilles, Cathy was the first person to discover that the problem originated in my hips due to a leg length discrepancy. She was also the first care provider that actually didn’t have an automatic answer to my problem because she didn’t assume anything. After working with her for a few months, 95% of my pain and issues were gone including my right knee which felt like it would dislocate during certain positions and was excruciatingly painful. Equally important to helping my pain disappear, I am confident now that I’m armed with the proper tools and exercises to prevent the issues from arising again as she explained to me exactly what was happening and why. As an athlete, I really cared about the issues but had largely given up on correcting them. I’m confident my 30s will be more pain free than my 20s thanks to Cathy.


Amy P.

Osteoarthritis in both knees caused pain and swelling that had become increasingly worse over time. I thought knee replacement was my next step, but decided to try physical therapy to see if I could put the surgery off for a little while. After my initial consultation with Cathy, I knew that I made the right decision. She did a thorough evaluation and developed a treatment plan specific to my needs. I noticed a difference very quickly and am now able to walk, cycle and workout pain free! I only wish that I had done this years earlier. I highly recommend Cathy Yi and Pursuit Physical Therapy.


Craig W.

I went to Pursuit as a last ditch effort to see if there was anything I could do to regain functionality in my right hip. I was limping and after 9 holes of golf could hardly walk. I had been to 4 other clinics whose approach was a 30 min review and an exercise program. Pursuit's approach was a full 90 min exam including a clear discussion of my status and their view of how and if they could help. I received treatment from both Ron and Cathy with the end result that I regained the functionality of my hip. I was impressed that at the beginning of each appointment they would examine/evaluate and adjust their treatment to your current status. Very professional and effective. The best part is Cathy created for me a home maintenance program to keep me functioning at a high level.

Christine S.

I came down with knee pain just a few weeks postpartum and just two weeks before moving away from the area. Cathy was able to work with me on short notice and in a short time-frame. She quickly diagnosed a torn meniscus and sent me home with exercises. She was easy to talk to and provided straight-forward answers to my questions. With the help of her manipulations and the exercises the brunt of my pain and immobility was gone within a week and by two weeks I was able to do my daily activities pain-free. After some more strength-training I'm back to my old self. Highly recommend!

Thomas T.

I started visiting Cathy because of severe headaches that I had for over a month. They were so bad I almost went to the emergency room several times...I could not figure out what was going on. I went to an orthopedic DR and he took an x-ray and didn't find anything...I was referred to physical therapy so I went for an evaluation and just didn't feel good about the level of attention I would get. I started searching for another local place online and that is how I found Pursuit Physical Therapy.

After my first visit my headaches were significantly less severe and after just a few visits they were totally gone. I can't say enough about how great my experience was. I would highly recommend seeing Cathy!

Eileen M.

I have been dealing with a slipped disk (L5 S1) for several years. The pain ran down my leg and into my foot to the point that I was having difficult walking. Forget sitting for more than a few minutes, my leg would go numb, it was bad. I've been to the "right" doctors and had the "right" therapies but in the end it didn't help at all. I also went to an acupuncturist who did help with pain but not the underlying problem. I was looking at injections and ultimately surgery if the doctors had there way. Out of complete desperation I let my fingers do the walking and found reviews for Pursuit Physical Therapy and they were excellent (having said that I didn't go in with high hopes since I've been down the road several times!)! Having nothing left to lose (except more money!) I met with Cathy Yi and no long story - she changed my life! The difference between her and other therapists is she spends a complete uninterrupted hour with you, listening, assessing, adjusting and instructing. There is no "do this 10 times and I'll be right back" because you're her only client in that hour. Over the course of around 8 sessions I learned how to correct the errors in my posture, how to self correct when I over do something to relieve pain and how to build core muscles so that that area will be more supported. Maybe if other therapist had an hour with me they could have helped me but I have to say Cathy is particularly gifted as a physical therapist. I'm not blowing smoke, she really is! Non of the therapists I've had in the past compare to her in terms of expertise. Having said that while she gives you the tools the ultimate results are up to you, you have to do the work to get better, the difference here is that she gives you the right tools! This isn't the cheap route, your insurance may or may not pay for this service, mine would after I met my out of network deductible, I'm thinking only God could help me at that point! So in the end is it worth? Every penny! An investment in yourself with high return! Go!

Julie C.

After months of pursuing alternative treatments for my low back pain (chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage) and only experiencing temporary relief, it was suggested that I see a Physical Therapist to assess my biomechanics. Pursuit PT was suggested as a practice that is known for “getting to the root of problems”. After my assessment, I was set up with Cathy Yi, MPT, OCS for her expertise in low back/hip issues. After several sessions with Cathy she discovered several issues and we worked to correct them one by one. As we corrected posture issues, my low back pain began to localize more in my hip area. Cathy hypothesized that she thought I might have a hip joint tear. At first I thought she was crazy and even dismissed her theory, but after a few more weeks of no lasting improvement I took her advice and had an MRI. Sure enough, she was right! After seeing different professionals over the course of probably three years and spending thousands of dollars I finally had my answer. I had hip repair surgery in March and am getting back to my old self. I am still remembering all of the lessons I learned from Cathy about posture and how I carry myself as these were all contributing factors to my tear. However, I am eternally grateful that she never stopped thinking and searching for the ROOT issue. Finally-- I have found my answer and am feeling better than I have in years. If you are looking for someone who will keep thinking of possible solutions to your body aches and pains, Pursuit PT is a great place to start!!!!! Thanks for teaching me all about proper form and posture and getting to the root of MY issue.

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