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Evaluations are an hour and cost $180.  Evals are required to establish a new patient and are considered an initial visit separate from packaging.  This will include:

  • Detailed assessment for your pain

  • Determining the origin of why you have your pain

  • Treatment

  • If time is remaining, some "homework"/lifestyle changes will be instructed and given

Individual Hour Follow-ups

Are $180 and include:

  • Manual Therapy - joint mobilization, myofascial/muscle release

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Graston/IASTM

  • Movement/Posture reassessment

  • Lifestyle modification Ed

  • Instruction in tailored home program

Individual 30min Follow-ups

Individual 30-min follow-up visits are $95 and include a mix-and-match of what is received in an hour session, but priority is given to the best interventions based on how you present when you come in for the day.


Packages are built from 4 or more sessions [post having had an Evaluation].  If choosing to package, the total will be due on the first day of packaged visits.

Hour follow-ups reduce to $170/session with bundling 4 visits and to $160/session with bundling 8 or more visits. Packaging hour visits are good to use when you know your condition has been chronic and would benefit from consistent treatment.  

30-min follow-ups reduce to $90/session with bundling 4 visits and $80/session with bundling 8 or more visits.  Packaging 30min visits are good if your condition is not so severe or are good to use as tune-up visits for those wanting to keep in tip-top shape or for regular intervention to keep an issue from worsening.

5-6min sessions for $50 for quick intervention: thrust maneuver, release to a muscle, quick 'reset'[paperwork required to be prepared & keep the visit timely]

Due to the time and level of involvement required for consults, this is 30min for $90 to discuss care, intervention, diagnoses, home exercise/lifestyle changes, and/or to decide if I'm the right fit for what's going with you.



Cupping and Stretching


30min session combining cupping and stretching to break up fascial restrictions, connective/scar tissue restrictions, and promote circulation to the area.  $70

IASTM/Graston and Stretching


30min session of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and stretching to release adhesions/restrictions in connective tissue, fascia, and superficial muscles fibers.  $70

Accepted Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Card (3.5% fee applied to you)

Reimbursement forms are provided for you to submit to insurance.  Check your insurance on whether you have Out-Of-Network coverage for physical therapy to help know what to expect.

[Venmo to @cathyorlandopt

Zelle to]


Compared to other clinics...

Prices can vary depending on what was performed in a typical clinic setting.  Getting manual therapy, exercise, and Estim, differs in price from having received only exercise and manual therapy.  Average cost is higher in a regular clinic setting and you will be seen with 1-2 other patients at the same time.  This limits quality patient interaction, assessment, response to treatment, and detail on the optimal progression of care.  Most importantly, lack of 1:1 care prevents efficient resolution and recovery from your issue.  [Patient cost estimator example below for typical clinic setting]

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 7.16.32 PM.png
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