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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Posture

Aka "swayback" or "arched low back" posture

Does your lower spine posture tend to be arched at the low back, sort of "belly out" with locked knees when you've been standing for a while?  Or, do you tend to rock forward on your pelvis when sitting so that you're perched at the edge of your seat with your low back arched?


After a while of standing, we may not notice that we lapse into what's "easy" and we will lock out our knees, tip our pelvis forward, lose abdominal tension, and the arch of our feet will crash enough to make our feet ache.  Take it further and you will find your glute muscles get shortened and tight and it could mimic sciatic pain/symptoms when active and/or working out!

Hip Impingement.

This posture will leak into general movement (walking, working out, etc.) and you could begin to notice that your hip joint clicks or that you feel a "stretch" or pinch at the front crease of your hip when your thigh gets closer to your body.


We tend to drift to the edge of our seats to get our feet nice and flat to the floor.  As we get absorbed with what's on the computer screen and what we are working on, our pelvis will lapse into that comfort position and you can see in the pic above that it shortens the hip flexors which can also lead to the hip impingement!

How to fix?

Here's a YouTube on how to find a neutral pelvis (and promote neutral hip rotation) to adapt for standing and sitting so that it becomes a habit for when still AND when moving around!

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