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Tennis Elbow!!

Let me guess....

You've tried the compression band, injections, ice/heat, Graston, massage, etc.

Have you addressed the elbow joint itself? How about your bicep?

Let's go over some things that can be done to resolve this versus simply deal with it...

As you can see, the joint consists of 3 bones joining, but also has a decent number of structures that cross the region. Are you dealing with the right structures?

Try some of these interventions out to see if it promotes relief for longer periods of time. If it still doesn't last, stop in to nip it in the bud!

You actually don't have to live with tennis elbow nor do you have to expect to receive regular injections for it to be managed. The usual management involves: ice/heat, deep tissue work, injections, and counterforce bands/braces. Taking into account the shoulder joint (and its mobility), the muscles that connect from shoulder to elbow, the elbow joint (and its mobility), the muscles that connect from the elbow to the wrist, and the wrist joint (and its mobility) allows you to address WHY your elbow is absorbing all the stress/force when using your arm so that you have definitive relief versus temporary relief. Best physical therapy practice looks at all of you as well as above and below the affected area.

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