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Hip hinging for squat, sit to stand, & deadlift!

What do squat, dead lift, and sit-to-stand-to-sit have in common?

The bending/folding over motion it requires at the hip>back! If you tend to pinch at the front crease of your hip joints, have back pain, or get injured after squats, dead lifts, or getting up/down from a chair, here are some things to consider.

This is a great drill to practice for a couple of points...

1) The mobility band helps pull your hip joint so the goal is that you can practice these motions w/ less pinch or no pinch so you are not compromising your internal hip structures.

2) Practicing a squat/child's pose w/ thighs parallel challenges your hip capsule to gain range where it's typically ignored.

Hinging is a common motion and practicing it where you don't let your knees bow out or let your toes twist outward can be a small addition to helping unravel your body. This video emphasizes the hinge portion, but add in the alignment of your legs from the previous video and your got yourself a little habit that helps keep your lower body muscles a bit looser!

Best physical therapy practice entails a wholistic approach that involves manual therapy to correct your body's mechanics, but also to address the patterns in which you move that can lend to why you hurt to begin with. Full relief and longterm relief involve hands-on as well as changing your own habits!

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