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HABIT CHANGE #5 - Bending

The final habit change to address and implement to save your back!

Are you bending or hinging?

You may be bending over more often than you ever considered!

Bending vs Hinging!

Hinge at the hips vs Bend at the Spine

Notice the axis for the hinge is through the hips. The axis of motion when bending at the spine is the belly button. When you hinge, you should promote more pant creases where your legs join your pelvis. Bending promotes more shirt creases.

Hinge practice.

Learn to train your body to hinge with a neutral pelvis and then progress to proper bend, squat, & deadlift!

The pursuit of wholistic care involves, joint work, muscle/fascia work, proper home interventions, and lifestyle changes. Proper physical therapy entails all of the above and is promoted with detail with my practice. I intend to cover all the bases to optimize your recovery.

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