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Back Extension or Hip Extension?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

How many of you bother to lie on your tummies anymore?

How many of you have too much low back pain to be able to even try?

How about how many of you can twist your trunk to the right or left equally?

There is a reason for the pain and a reason for the loss of trunk rotation and some things that can be done about it!

Thoracolumbar Junction (TL jxn) Extension...  small adjustments in your daily life make the BIGGEST differences.  Where is your extension coming from?

Same info with additional applications.

Chronic low back pain isn't just a problem in the lumbar spine; it's mechanical stress and shortening of the area from limited extension mobility above and below the region (thoracolumbar and thoracic above and hips below). Treating ONE region of the body doesn't make sense for longterm resolution since everything is connected. Best physical therapy practice is one that addresses you as a whole versus the one area you feel discomfort.

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