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Why Your Knees Hurt!

Continued from previous educational videos...

If you don't have isolated hip joint mobility and motion, your knees will have more torque applied to them because they will do what the hip joints above cannot do.

How symmetrical is your squat for getting up/down from chairs/commodes, floor, working out, etc.?

It's worth considering whether restoring hip joint mobility, pelvic rotations to neutral, and assuring muscles that reach from hip to knee are released before removing meniscus (arthroscopy to the knee), getting a lateral release (for patellar tracking), or getting a total knee replacement. Giving your body the environment to heal is a state it has not been in that can prevent surgery!

Best physical therapy practice involves addressing the whole body... how each joint moves and how the muscles move around those joints. We don't hurt because of age, we hurt because our levers and pulleys (muscles and joints) have been shifting into positions that lead to pain over the years! Address those shifts and, not only can you relieve chronic pain/acute pain, but also avoid surgery!

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