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Why "Top 5 things for my pain" doesn't work

Notice how all social media, personal trainer, fitness, chiropractic, special tool, etc. accounts tout that doing a certain combination of exercise/stretch practices will solve your issue?

I completely agree that it will make some level of positive change because that is the nature of exercise/stretch, but I have endlessly observed that those gains plateau and are insufficient to fully resolve the issue.

Everyday, we adapt our usual leans where we promote lengthening of one side, shortening of the other, in combination with a little rotation along our spines with our favorite postures.  In addition, we hold tension and tend to lock up or squeeze certain muscles all day while we are stressed at work, through traffic, getting to the next appointment, etc.  Multiply that present-day, daily affectation with the 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year for the last 10-20 years of your life and then calculate if a few interventions are enough to compete with all of that!

When you intervene, best results are when both lever and pulley are addressed; thus, muscle and JOINT.  Say you have low back pain -- that would entail a few lever/pulley regions.  The hip joints (pulley), glutes vs hip flexors (levers); low back (pulley), glutes/quadratus lumborum vs psoas (levers); thoracolumbar junction (pulley), diaphragm & psoas vs paraspinals (levers).  That makes at least 6 intervention structures in addition to daily habit changes so as not to lapse into your old patterns to perpetuate the condition.

Above concepts added incorporated into Part2

So, yes, it takes much more for full, longterm recovery.  It takes, body awareness, changing of habits, addressing stress/anxiety, implementing treatment methods during the day, and learning how to manage the way your body works.  I think you're worth the effort of attaining optimal mechanical function and then avoiding drifting into patterns that lead to eventual surgical intervention!

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