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Stiff Neck?

Using that theragun-type tool on your upper traps? Getting massages and you still feel super tight around the neck?

Here are some self neck mobilizations you can do anywhere to help move the actual neck vertebrae in the direction they need to shift to achieve motion.

It's important to address joint as well as muscle to grant full "release".

The pursuit of the best physical therapy is one that combines all aspects of your body and anatomy. It should address joint, muscle, fascia, and how it all works together to create sound mechanical function. Best PT practice includes a lot of hands-on skills, manual therapy, and lifestyle changes/homework to help live a life that practices not having the same issue return. In this case, a chronically stiff neck should emphasize intervention of muscle as well as joints of the neck. If this is not enough, rest assured your upper body is compensating for your hip/pelvis region and that is what keeps the push-pull of your neck muscles ongoing!

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