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SIJ dysfunction, Hip mobility/FAI, and how it's all connected to your pain!

Great interview-learning with Marc Robinson, founder of Evercore and Active Atoms for how hip joint mobility lends to hip FAI, SI Joint dysfunction, and can spread to the knees, ankles/feet, and even up to the shoulders and neck! Chronic, persisting issues at your periphery (feet, neck, shoulders, etc.) in spite of vigorous intervention and consistent care (like massage and chiropractic adjustments) is a good sign it's compensating from somewhere else and it's THAT area that needs to be addressed for your issue to truly be resolved! It is quite literally 'all connected' and can be fixed in spite of the pervasive thought of having to 'live with it'! Best physical therapy standards look at the whole body and mix joint mobilizations with myofascial and deep tissue release combined with lifestyle modifications to offer lasting results! Definitely something to consider in regards to the pursuit of the best medical outcome!

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