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Pelvis Position for Squat

We know about anterior pelvic tilt... the hyper-arched low back posture.  Sway back, duck butt, overactive hip flexor, chronic low back pain posture.

How about the level above?

How do you hold that region?

Specifically, how do you hold that region when you squat, sit to stand to sit, dead lift, put your pants/underwear on (or take them off?), etc.

If you hold your thoracolumbar region arched, you will promote impingement of the front crease of your hip joint when you flex past about 95degrees of motion.  You have to disengage that aspect of your back extension to allow the proper fold of the hip/leg towards your body.

If your pelvis has locked into the anterior pelvic tilt position and will not de-rotate to allow hip flexion without impinging, this is a great release to: 1) release hip flexors, 2) help stretch the one side of the pelvis out of the anterior tilt, 3) stretch the low back out of the arched position.

Habits are the hardest part of making the true changes required to actually leave your pain patterns. Best physical therapy practice does not solely involve treatment. It's about educating how to avoid getting there in the first place!

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