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Is Paying Out-of-Pocket Worth it for PT?

If it is 1:1 care for your full session AND they are a manual therapy specialist, YES. Physical Therapy (or physiotherapy) in Orlando are typically 'chain' clinics that take insurance. While taking insurance is great, it is also the driving force for why a therapist has to see 2-3 patients per hour, worry over the details of documentation to justify insurance payment for your session, why the therapist may not have more than 5-10min to ever apply any manual techniques when you come, and definitely why you are pointed/directed to do a variety of stretches and exercises that they call out for you to do from across the room.

If you are in the pursuit of excellent, efficient, non-standardized care, look for a stand-alone Physical Therapy specialist near you. In comparison to other clinics, I charge the least in Orlando for the type of hands-on techniques, ongoing functional movement assessments, and for addressing the whole body to help you be painfree. I would be classified as outpatient orthopedic and, if your insurance has out-of-network coverage, you could be reimbursed for your sessions with me.

Patients have told me they have gone to the 'chain clinics' and were told their sessions would range from $160-250 depending on what was done for that session. My rates are flat and unchanging; whether you package or keep it individual visits.

Be it Winter Park, Maitland, Orlando, or College Park, my care and rehab are the most affordable to get the best physical therapy. Also, to let you know that you are right: it IS all connected! I could be treating your neck, but I will work up from your hips/pelvis to your neck to truly resolve your pain and prevent it from being a chronic issue that causes you to have to seek intervention on a biweekly basis.

I truly love physical therapy and how the body truly works. I enjoy unraveling how your body got stuck in a pain cycle and problem-solving the best way for you to achieve full relief!

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