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How Symmetrical Is Your Body?

You can practice using both sides in your daily life to prevent lapsing into the same shortened and lengthened sides that you favor! In fact, it's so important you incorporate this so chronic pain issues do not develop nor persist!

Bridging - the motion is clearly shifted to one side; yet, it FEELS aligned to the patient.

We think we are standing, sitting, moving aligned/straight, but our bodies are shifted and rotated to one side at various levels of our body.

Small adjustments in your daily life make the BIGGEST differences. Use both sides of your body whenever you can!

Best physical therapy practice involves more than treatment... it's postures, how to move correctly, assessing if your body is using its levers/pulleys (muscles/joints) in the proper fashion, and promoting lifestyle changes so you don't have chronic pain nor need to rely upon endless treatment sessions!!!

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