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Hip Joint Mobilization at your Desk!

Hip mobilizations at the desk? YES!

If you are going to be tethered to your desk for work, may as well work on keeping those hip joints mobile and the muscles that cross your hip flexible to either prevent low back, knee, hip issues or to maintain progress we've made together in treatment!

Hip external rotation work at the desk

Hip internal rotation work at the desk

What the mobility band does, what you're looking for when using it, and how it benefits you to combine with motion/stretching.

Have a standing desk or a desk that lets you shift from sit to stand?

Even better!

If you take the same concepts of motion and apply it to when standing, you are winning! If you need a video on hip mobilizations for when standing, please let me know and I will make a video for those options as well!

Just remember to promote a neutral pelvis when sitting as well as when standing!

When in the pursuit of the best physical therapy, incorporating lifestyle changes that work for you to maintain the gains we make together are important. Hip joint mobility is important in regards to its influence on back pain, knee pain, and even up to neck pain. Giving ways to find relief at home is important during the healing journey!

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