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Habit Change 2 of 5 to implement now!

We all have our favorite sides we lean towards! Step 1 is to figure out which is your favorite side. Step 2, you need to put forth effort to only lean towards your least favorite side until it's as 'flexible' and comfy as your favorite side. Step 3, make sure to shift between sides equally!


You either love the driver's door or the console! Notice what happens at the trunk, shoulders, and neck when you lean towards the left. Imagine how your body loves to stay here over time and how you may avoid leaning the other way!

Seat/Couch Arms

Here is a goody... on a device and leaning on a seat arm. Notice his neck, shoulder, wrinkles in his shirt; your body will adapt to this positioning and liken to stay there over time. It creates a shortened/tightened side and a lengthened/stretched side.

The above shifts and leans lead us to mechanical scoliosis. It's not the structural type some are born with, it's the type we develop because we 'mechanically' shift towards the same side day after day. It's time to take notice and change it up!!!

I'm always in the pursuit of providing the best physical therapy. The best isn't just limited to hands-on therapy or exercises... it's addressing HOW things came about and WHY they are there to help fully resolve issues versus cyclically dealing with them several times a year. In this case the 'how' is your favorite side you lean towards and the 'why' could be because your pelvis shifted, one side of your trunk shortened, your neck developed a tilt, etc. Having a PT be able to identify past the localized area of your pain is important to fully treat all of you instead of the site of your pain.

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