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Feet Pain! Why????

Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Post Tib Tendonitis... why?

Continued from previous educational videos...

The position your hip joint is 'stuck' in determines how your thigh bone rotates upon your lower leg bone, how your lower leg bone rotates to compensate for your thigh bone, how your ankle inverts or everts to compensate for your lower leg bone, and then how your midfoot responds to the shift at the ankle.

If you have intervened at the ankles/feet with icing, stretching, orthotics, special shoes, etc. and you still have issues or 'need to warm up a long time before doing anything', there is true cause and relief that can be attained and it has to do with the top of the mechanical chain of the legs: the hips.

Asymmetrical squat at hips, knees, to feet

Asymmetrical squat at feet

Small adjustments in your daily life make the BIGGEST differences. Watch how you sit-stand-sit in chairs/commode, how you ascend/descend stairs, deadlift, squat, etc. - you can make small shifts out of asymmetry that can be like daily homework that prevents chronic pain.

When it's all connected, you need to look at the WHOLE picture! Best physical therapy practice promotes addressing where it's coming from, not just where it hurts!

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