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Driving Posture/Driving Position

How do YOU sit in the car?

We are stuck in traffic often and long enough for this to matter! How often does your head/upper back actually touch your seat? Are your arms stretched to full extension? Are they crunched up against you? Does your pedal leg reach for the pedals or is your knee pretty bent up close to you? Let's check out how to get set up!

Also be aware of the lean (or the wallet in the back pocket)!!!!

Never favor one side! Be symmetrical! Make sure both sides are stretched and lengthened to avoid creating mechanical scoliosis!

A majority of our time is spent sitting and that's split between your desk and your car! Sitting syndrome is a real epidemic that shortens our hip flexors, begins the cycle of limiting hip joint mobility, promotes pain (in the back, neck, shoulders, etc.), and eventually leads us to having some sort of surgery! In the pursuit of good physical therapy, let's change up our lifestyle to promote wholistic intervention to maximize mobility while avoiding surgery!

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