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Desk Ergonomics

Who is 'stuck' at their desk for 1 or more hours per day?

If you know you have 20minutes or more at the station/desk you will be working from, it is more than worth it for you to take a moment to set it up correctly!

Sitting Desk or Standing Desk?

Both! It's optimal to be able to rotate between sit and stand every couple of hours, if possible!  Prolonged static positions are what's really tough on the body so changing it up is beneficial.  Adding in surfaces that promote you to continually work your core (in either sitting or standing) are a plus (i.e. therapy balls for desks, balance-type boards for standing)!!!   Movement always feels better than being stuck in the same position!  Set a timer of when to move!!!

Check your pelvis and your neck!

In the sitting picture above, the setup is made so that the chair, chair arms, seat depth, and seat height promote an environment to maintain a better posture.  However, both standing and sitting involve a bit of active awareness of whether your pelvis is in neutral and if your neck is retracted! Nothing is better than a bit of activation of the postural muscles vs passive bracing!

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