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Carpal Tunnel

Is it really Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?

Do your hands tend to "fall asleep"?  They sort of feel numb and tingly, usually worse at night when sleeping, and may have shots of sharp pain into the palm?

Median Nerve.

The long middle, yellow cord is the Median Nerve and you can see it runs from the front of the shoulder to the wrist until it splits into branches at the hand.  This nerve controls our wrist/finger flexors and is the main branch related to CTS.  If you can see at the top of the shoulder that it also runs under your pec muscle (the cutaway piece) as well as under fascia at the wrist which gives at least 2 places it can also become entrapped.

Carpals [wrist bones].

The small pebble-shaped bones along the wrist are just below the fascia band and under that Median Nerve.  Imagine if all those bones don't move and shift as they should for normal wrist motion -- the Median Nerve can definitely become compressed and/or irritated.  Do you have full motion?  How well can you be on all 4's, down dog, or the push-up position -- these positions all require proper mobility of these bones.

Nerve Tension - When the Median Nerve gets tight and trapped at either the neck, elbow, or wrist, it can exhibit as carpal tunnel syndrome! Does this mean you have to suffer with this and the only solution is surgery? Absolutely not!

How to help? Here is a video on how to stretch the Median Nerve. It will be uncomfortable at first, but the goal is for discomfort to ease and symptoms to ease. If not, come in for treatment!

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